Expopharm in Düsseldorf // 27–30 September 2023

Our company goes to exhibitions in Germany every year. As the leading European trade fair for the pharmacy market, ExpoPharm in Düsseldorf was once again the perfect place for open exchange of knowledge, ideas and information. The ultimate industry gathering of the year offered the entire pharmacy team an overview of all important findings and innovations in the pharmacy market. Visitors had the opportunity to discover products, services and solutions from more than 500 exhibitors. The certified lecture programme included more than 200 contributions from over 200 speakers from the industry. The ExpoPharm trade fair also offered a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with people in the same field and expand the network with impressive contacts.   

How to find the best pharmaceutical wholesalers

Some of the major factors considered in the selection of a wholesaler include: · Cost that includes product type, payment terms, and delivery cost · Quality in terms of number of defective items, packaging and labelling, quality management system certification, research, development, and innovation · Services, such as customer relationship management (CRM), and after-sales service. · Geographical location for timely delivery · Distributor profile, such as financial status, management and organisation, technical ability, and certificate of GMP, and · Overall personnel capabilities, including risk assessment system, overall skills, and experience of labour Compliance with good distribution practice (GDP) ensures that medicine quality and integrity are maintained throughout the supply chain, while compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) ensures efficient distribution, storage, packaging, transportation, documentation, labelling, and record-keeping practices.   

Wholesaler Of Pharmaceuticals In Georgia

A pharmaceutical wholesaler works between pharmaceutical companies and their customers by purchasing and distributing medicines and medical equipment to customers. As one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in the Georgia, Your Drugs Pharma Holding can help your business by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff, customers or clients. When it comes to health, being prepared is of paramount importance, and we offer a range of medications and products, from pain relief to defibrillators.   

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The director of our company Dr. Grigol Ambardanishvili held important meetings in the Netherlands.   


The director of our company, with the team, was attending the exhibition - ARAB HEALTHY in Dubai. Arab Health turns on the spotlight for our business - putting our business at the heart of the healthcare industry.   

EXPOPHARM MUNICH 2022 Sep. 14-17

The leading European company of the pharmacy market was held exibition,The purpose of the industry, gathering of the year was to provide an overview of all important insights and innovations, in the pharmaceutical market for the entire pharmacy team. we are ready to share photos, Wait for the good news from us!  

Nice meeting with our partners

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