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Top Managers

Dr. Grigol Ambardanishvili

+995 599114112

Education-Hight Medical School Aieti - Faculty of Medicine. United State Department of State  in 2005 year- Hospital Based Management of  Mass Casualty Incidents.  (Emergency Assistance)

Experience- Since 2002 till today

Erekle Ambardanishvili

General Manager
+995 599121110

Education-Telavi State University Bachelor at the Faculty  of Law (2004-2008)

Master at the Faculty of law (2008-2010)

Experience-Since 2010 till today 

Marita Bachiashvili

Financial Manager
+995 599270240

Education - Telavi State University (2007-2011) Bachelor

degree Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors (Buff) ACCA) - (2011-2016) 
Experience since 2010 till today


Mariam Sirbilashvili

+995 577609324

Education: Telavi State University
(2013-2017) Bachelor's degree

(2017-2019) Master's Degree

Experience: Since 2019 till today

Mariam Davitelashvili

Operations Manager
+995 595016014

Education: Tbilisi State University - English Philology (2011-2015)

Experience since 2018 till today

Sandro Gulisashvili

Purchasing manager
+995 599995992

Telavi State University - Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law. (2004-2008) Bachelor's degree 

(2009-2011) Master's degree

Experience since 2007 till today

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